Frequently Asked Questions


Is the QBee Camera easy to install?

You just need to download the QBee Camera App, switch the Camera on and follow the onscreen instructions on your screen. You will be ready to go in a few minutes.

Where can I place my QBee Camera?

You can place the QBee Camera in the room of your choice or close to your home or office entrance points.

The QBee Camera has an ingenious stand that allows it to be placed on any flat surface or mounted on a wall at various angles in an elegant way. Play around with the stand to find your favorite placement position. You will love it.


Is the QBee Camera a standalone device?

Yes. It works without any additional devices. All you need is electricity and WiFi.

Do I need WiFi to make the QBee Camera work?

Yes. The QBee Camera must be connected to your WiFi network.

Does the QBee Camera record video?

The QBee Camera recording is triggered by movement. This avoids useless recording of nothing happening in a room with no one in it.

When it records, the QBee Camera stores the videos in the QBee Cloud and you can watch them on the QBee App.

Where is the video stored?

Videos from your QBee Camera are encrypted and sent to the QBee Cloud. You can watch the videos in the QBee Camera App.

Can I place the QBee Camera outside?

No. The QBee Camera is not weatherproof and cannot be used outside.

Can I remotely rotate, pan or tilt the QBee?

The QBee Camera is stationary and does not rotate, pan, or tilt. Nevertheless, it features a wide-angle field of view of 140° which covers a large area.

How can I activate the siren?

You can activate the siren from the QBee Camera App by tapping on the siren icon.


What types of Apps allow me to access and control the QBee Camera?

You need a mobile device where you can install the QBee Camera App. You have an Android® and an iOS version of the QBee Camera App.

Can I watch a video in real time?

Yes. You can watch live video from your QBee Camera(s) with the Qbee Camera App.

What happens when the QBee Camera detects movement?

You will receive a notification that informs you about the unexpected movement to your mobile device.

Can several user accounts access a single QBee Camera through the App?

Not currently.


How many QBee Cameras do I need for my home?

It’s up to you, to the size of your home and the use you would like to make of it.
If you are often away, we recommend one camera to watch each entrance point.
If you have several floors, we recommend one camera for each floor.
The QBee Camera platform supports up to 3 devices for one QBee Camera Account.

What does Multi-Sensor mean?

With its integrated sensors, the QBee Camera reads the ambient temperature, humidity, light and noise levels. This is useful information that will help you understand and better control your home environment.